Intervention Rescue & Security helicopter in Issoire

First aid intervention to people, fight against forest fires, transport of people and loads on forest fires

Primary rescue intervention, forest fire fighting, transport of personnel and loads on forest fires
Reconnaissance of command and operational coordination, Forest fire fighting by helicopter.

We intervene with reactivity in all the places inaccessible to the ground vehicles, in order to be able to answer the specific needs of this operation we equip the following materials:

-Water bombing device, bambi-bucket type (450 and/or 850 liters), Simplex type pumping system of 1,000 liters, mobile stretcher

Rescue and safety has been monitoring and fighting forest fires for several years in collaboration with the fire departments’ rescue centers. Adapted equipment, a high level of training and a solid experience explain our presence, each year, on many fire starts.

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Key Account Manager Renaud GENET